What are tarot birth cards and how do I calculate mine? Have you heard this question before and wanted to explore? It’s simple, tarot birth cards are simply the cards associated with your birthday using numerology. They may give some insight into the energies that surrounded you around the time of your birth and used as a tool for further exploration. 

 There is an easy formula for breaking down your cards by using your birthday as seen below. 

Formula   MM+DD+YY+YY               Example  11+22+19+98

Sum of all numbers                         11+22+19+98=150

1st + 2nd to 3rd numbers                     15+0=15 to get 1st card

Add remaining numbers                      1+5=6 to get 2nd card

Now you take those numbers and associate with corresponding Major Arcana Cards.

In the above example the 1st card would be the 15th card “The Devil”

and the 2nd card would be 6th card “The Lovers”

 One exception to all these rules is when your sum equals 19. The majority of people will have 2 cards, however those with this sum will have 3 birth cards. This is because 1 + 9 = 10, and 1 + 0 = 1, thereby making your cards The Sun (19), The Wheel (10), and The Magician (1).

I hope this helps you understand the process of breaking down the numbers surrounding your birth date, however for those who wish to simply have it calculated please visit The Tarot School Calculator here:   http://tarotschool.com/Calculator.html 

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